The Race Around the Block

"SALUTE 2008"

by Gregory Privat

Pictures by Jane Williams and Lewis Jardine


For my second time at SALUTE, I was first going to present Trollball. But since the Block game was close to be ready for the event, I finally changed my mind and came with the Block. I simplified the rules, I came with just 4 tribes, designed a panel showing the rules and some background, and came to the con.

I game mastered the first and last game. First was with the other members of the demonstration team, and with all bystanders who joined the game, in team with the demonstrators, for a turn or the whole game.

Followed 2 games if I m right (send me a mail if i m not), one being a "children special", refeered by Lewis Jardine : It was cool to have those young wargamers play our game.

Last game was with a band of real storm bullies, Runequest veterans, and I really had a lot of fun watching and game mastering their game.

Here are some pictures of the event. If you were there and took more pictures : contact me : gloarmy((at))free((dot))fr !

Storm Bull, watching the game from the top of the Block : No flying bulls : this was reserved for Tentacles, as well as 4 of the 8 tribes, some terrain pieces and the advanced rules.

The demonstration team... not complete

Storm bull, again

The eternal battle and the camp : this is prolly a finished game.

The devil's hand in the rocky area

A view of the Marsh (left) and the Chaparal (right)

Demonstration team

The duck in the Marsh, meant to looks like a bathroom duck.

They must have just thought we were mads...

Rhimo and Bison Charge out of the Camp...

The Swamp Shaman

A Scorpion man, hiden in the Chaparal : It s main effect on the game is to have all the players asking if it have an effect on the game...

3 trophies in the Camp : Eternal Battle, Devil's stomach and the Devil's hand.

Bison Riders in the Chaparal.